Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Money Expectations

Welcome Back from March Break!  Hope you all had a nice rest!

We are moving into our Money Unit and the following expectations are the Gr. 3 goals for this topic.

  • I can represent and describe relationships between coins and bills up to $10
  • I can estimate, count, and represent the value of a collection of coins and bills up to $10
  • I can add and subtract money amounts to make purchases or change up to $10
  • I can solve word problems applying the skills above
Try to have your child look at prices when you are grocery shopping, online shopping, or running errands.  Have them round to the nearest dollar and estimate what the total cost will be.  When paying for something, have your child help count out the change or estimate how much change you will get from the cashier.  You can also try the following online games:

Monday, 26 February 2018

Math Expectations

Fractions Learning Goals

I can divide whole objects into equal parts.
I can divide sets of objects into equal parts.
I can compare fractions and put them in order according to size. 
I can identify the parts using fractional names without using numbers (ex. two thirds, one fourth)

I can solve multi-step math word problems involving fractions using pictures, numbers and words.

Our next unit is Multiplication and Division.  You can practise on Xtramath.org - we will be changing it to multiplication!  

Multiplication and Division Expectations

ü I can relate multiplication of 1-digit numbers to real-life situations
ü I can relate division of 1-digit numbers to real-life situations
ü I can multiply up to 7 x 7 using a variety of mental strategies
ü I can divide to 49/7 using a variety of mental strategies

Multiplication Games

0 times table

1 times table

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Parent Teacher Interviews

If you are interested in booking an interview to discuss Term 1 Reports, you can use this link to book a time for Tuesday, February 20th.  I will be available from 4pm to 6:30pm.  I will make a note in your child's report card if I would like to request an interview to discuss your child's progress.  Thank you!

You Can Book Me - Ferrarotto

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Measurement expectations

We have now begun our unit on Measurement.  We will begin with Linear Measurement where the students must learn to do the following:
  • estimate, measure and record length, height, and distance using standard units (cm, m, km)
  • draw items using a ruler, given specific lengths in cm
  • compare standard units of length and select and justify the most appropriate unit to measure length
  • compare and order objects on the basis of linear measurements in cm and m (100 cm=1m)
Practise these skills at home by asking your child to estimate the length of an object in your home, and you give an estimate too.  After, measure it using a ruler or measuring tape and whoever is closest wins 10 points.  First person to 100 wins!  You can also choose an object and ask your child if they would measure that in cm or m.

Here is our anchor chart with benchmarks that you can review at home. 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Math and homework expectations

We are moving on to 3D figures in Math.  The expectations are as follows:
  • I can compare and sort prisms and pyramids by their geometric properties
  • I can construct rectangular prisms and describe geometric properties of prisms
  • I can identify and describe the 2D shapes that are found in 3D shapes 
  • I can describe and name prisms and pyramids by the shape of their base
This week's homework will be the last week to incorporate reading response questions.  We will be moving onto writing a Hamburger Paragraph.  The students will be given a topic in which they must come up with 3 interesting details, an opening sentence and a closing sentence.  See the anchor chart below.  Math will remain the same.

Monday, 11 December 2017

December Update

I am sure you are busy with the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas holidays.  We are also quite busy here at school, preparing for the birth of Jesus and opening our hearts to our community.  Our ongoing Can Food Drive will help to support some families in need this holiday season and so will the coins donated on our past Pajama Day and our upcoming Hat Day, this Thursday, December 14th and Christmas colours and accessories Day on Tuesday, December 19th.  We are so proud of our students for their donations and pride in helping our own community. 

Image result for christmas accessories

Last week and this week (Tuesday), we have been blessed to participate in a Musical Theatre Workshop where we are learning to sing and move to the music.  Once it is complete, I will post the video so you can see the amazing talent we have in our class.

We have begun harvesting our Tower Garden and the students were able to participate in a Caesar Salad lunch and this week, we will learn to make basil pesto (nut-free) and have the opportunity to try some on bread.  What an amazing experience for our students to get to plant, grow, care for, harvest, and then prepare and eat the fruits of our labour.  I always encourage the students to try these new foods and see if their taste buds are open to new flavours.  In the new year, we will have the students bring some of the herbs and vegetables home to cook with their families.

Image result for pesto

Our Addition and Subtraction Test is this Friday.  Please have your child practice on Dreambox, Prodigy, and Xtramath.org to work on their number facts.  Having your child work on 3-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping is what they will be asked to do on the test.  There will be a 2-step problem, like the one that went home to be signed.

Upcoming Days to Remember:

Thursday 14 - Hat Day (bring in a coin or 2)

Friday 15 - Advent Mass 9:30am

Tuesday 19 - Christmas colours & Accessories Day (bring in a coin or 2)

Wednesday 20 - Christmas Craft Day 1:00pm

Thursday 21 - Snowflake Sale (buy gently used items to use as Christmas presents for loved ones,                              wrapping available)

Friday 22 - Last Day before holidays

Monday, 13 November 2017

Adding and Subtracting Learning Goals

Here are the expectations for our new unit on addition and subtraction!

Number Sense - Addition & Subtraction
  • I can solve problems involving addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers, using a variety of mental strategies
  • I can add and subtract 3-digit numbers 
  • I can use estimation when solving problems using addition and subtraction 
Encourage your child to go on Xtramath.org and practise their math facts or quiz them while you are in the car on numbers that you see on license plates.  Ask them to estimate how much two items at the store will cost altogether.  When planning for Christmas get togethers, ask them how many plates, or buns, or cookies, etc, you will need altogether.  

Adding and Subtracting Games